Price Information

Weekday couple plan
From 3900 yen
Weekday Twin
From 4900 yen
Breakfast 600 yen
Dinner from 4000 yen
Weekday Triple
From 4500 yen

Shima Spain Village Special Plan

Shima Spain Village (4,800 yen) 2 discount and Marineland (1,250 yen) This is a plan with one discount ticket, one by one.
※ Discount tickets are handled by 1 day passport, 2 day ticket, child fee, marine land child fee
※ Passengers will only be sent by post or by the front desk (from 7 o'clock on the day of the morning) only by phone or over the internet.

Other, couple plan and stay plans etc 3,900 yen ~

↓ Please see the restricted plans below for details ↓